What is the population of Spur?

The current population of Spur is about 1000 people. There are more people just outside the city limits living on farms and ranches. It’s the largest town in Dickens County which has about 2,500 people spread over 905 square miles.

Is there a school system in Spur?

Yes. Spur ISD is located in Spur, TX, Dickens County. School enrollment is 307 students: Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade with a student:teacher ratio less than 9:1. The district serves Spur, McAdoo, and a portion of Dickens.

What is the nearest large city?

The nearest large city is Lubbock, an hour drive from Spur with a metro population of over 300,000 and growing fast. Lubbock is home to Texas Tech, a 30,000+ student land grant university. The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area is a four hour drive, Austin around five and half hours.

What is the weather like?

Spur enjoys a semi-arid climate with endless blue skies and temperatures ranging from an average 55 degrees daily high in January and 95 degrees in July. It can get windy and cold on winter nights, but it warms up nicely in the sun during the day. And likewise even in the heat of summer, the mornings and evenings are in the cool 70’s when the sun isn’t overhead. It’s actually a great climate for making use of high thermal mass and/or passive solar heating for keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

What medical facilities are available?

There is a local clinic in town where we have a nurse practitioner who tends to most issues and prescriptions and an MD who comes in once per week with whom you can schedule regular checkups and follow up visits. Crosbyton is a neighboring town 30 minutes away – Ambulance time is 15-20 minutes. They have a hospital and that is where most folk go for emergencies, check-ups etc. But, Lubbock, being as big as it is and an hour away, is where many of us go for dentist visits, specialists, etc. There is also a VA outpatient facility in Lubbock as well as several hospital facilities and UMC Health System. Amarillo, 1.5 hours north, has the big regional VA hospital. We would sure be happy if a doctor and a dentist are interested in moving here! But Crosbyton suffices for most needs. We do also have a volunteer fire department and emergency response team with a modern ambulance and dedicated, trained staff on call 24/7.

Is there retail space available?

There is retail space available to rent or buy on Main Street and its adjacent streets.

What are land and lot prices like?

Land around Spur is usually owned by farmers and ranchers. Acreage comes on the market in larger sized parcels, usually 160 acres or more. Prices for acreage average around $1,000 per acre.

Lots in town, owned by the County, having been being bid on for around $500 each.  Each lot is about 1/6th of an acre with the dimension ranging from 60′ x 120′ to 50′ x 160′. Some private lots go for even less or maybe more.
There are a number of lots available for purchase. Some have preexisting structures while others are completely cleared. Those with old, abandoned homes are somewhat of an eyesore right now but the County is already working on getting those lots cleaned up!

If you are interested in finding out about lots for sale, contact the County Tax Collector’s office at 806-623-5216 and they will email/send you a list of available lots as well as a map of Spur. You can also contact City Hall right here in Spur at 806-271-3316 as they may have additional lots for sale. Any questions regarding the new Ordinance and any permitting/coding should go to John Schmidt and you can reach him at 682-239-0973.

Are there jobs available in Spur?

Spur is unique in that it hosts more small businesses than corporate offices. While these small businesses are the lifeblood of the town they are not large employers. However Lubbock, a fast-growing city of 300,000 – has a burgeoning job market. With our high-speed and fiber optic Internet options as well as our currently available storefronts we welcome dynamic people of all vocations to become a new generation of telecommuters or even to start their own business right here in Spur!

How bad is the crime?

Pretty non-existent.

What outdoor recreational options does Spur offer?

Spur is situated in the rolling plains just off the Llano Estacado, the high plateau where you’ll find Lubbock, TX. Spur is surrounded by mesquite forests and canyons where hunters from all over Texas come to try their luck at bringing home wild hog, deer, turkeys, quail and other critters. 90-minutes north of Spur is Caprock Canyons State Park. Hike in and see a herd of buffalo grazing in the canyon bottoms.

Closer to home we also have Dickens Springs with some gorgeous red canyons just 10 minutes away where you can catch beautiful views and take a light hike every morning if your heart desired.
Dickens Spring Park is just 10 minutes North of Spur.

Spur also features a 9-hole golf course, with regulation fairways. For those who want to sit in the saddle or watch an old fashioned barrel race, rodeos happen all around the county on a seasonal basis.

Just a beautiful 15-minute drive brings you to White River Lake where you can go swimming, boating, do water sports such as jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, fishing and there’s a great restaurant in the Marina as well.

Can I homestead on my land?

Yes, as long as you’re maintaining your property and not encroaching on neighbors, you may raise animals on your land and grow as much food as you want. Currently we have cows, horses and goats grazing on land that is within city limits!

What type of access do I have to the outside world?

UPS and FedEx make regular visits to Spur, so feel free to place your orders online .  The library has printing and faxing,  for a nominal fee.   Head to City Hall for a notary.   Lawrence Brother’s Grocery has an ATM &  Western Union Wiring services.  Allsup’s Convenience  is open 24 hours with an ATM machine.   The nearest Redbox is about 30 miles away, and the closest Wells Fargo/Bank of America is at Post, 43 miles out.  AT&T and Verizon are the best phone services, so be prepared to switch plans,  to get reliable service.  (if T-Mobile, Sprint, etc).

Does Spur pick up for recycling or have a drop off post?

Not yet?  There is great interest  in Spur to make recycling available.  We are looking for a team of folks to make this happen?  Right now, individuals save their own recycling to bring to a Drop Off site in Lubbock when they go.

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