How To Move To Spur

  1. Come to Spur to check it out.  You can go to City Hall for a packet and map, or you can take the Tiny House  Education Tour. ( Tour is in the planning stages, so not available at this time)
  2. If deciding to move to Spur, come to City Hall, show your tiny house plans to make sure it passes the ordinance  and get a City Permit (this process is free).
  3. Buy a lot.  Dickens County Office  This is where you will place bids for any land owned by Dickens County. You will need to ask for Rebecca Haney. Address: 508 Crow Street,   Dickens, TX 79229  (Mailing Address: P.O. Box 119)   (806) 623-5216                                                                                                                                          Lots can be bought from private owners (see listings tab) or through county office.  If you are interested in finding out about county lots for sale, contact the County Tax Collector’s office at 806-623-5216 and they will email/send you a list of available lots as well as a map of Spur.  You can also contact City Hall, 806-271-3316 as they may have additional lots for sale.  Any questions regarding the new Ordinance and any permitting/coding should go to John Schmidt and you can reach him at 682-239-0973.

4.  Go to City Hall to obtain a city address.

5.  Find a  tiny house to be built and delivered , or begin building
your home.  Determine where to put your house on lot, hire an     excavator/ contractor to dig trenches or do yourself following guidelines listed in the ordinance.  You may have to hire help outside of town, as in-town excavators are limited, so do your research.  (this needs to be done a month or so out)

6. Arrange for utilities to be connected.

    1. Water/Sewer/Trash:  Spur City Hall  This is where you will pay your water and/or gas bill for any home in Spur. John Schmidt is the city’s code compliance officer.   402 Burlington  Spur, TX 79370    (806) 271-3316
    2. Internet:   Caprock Telephone   This is where you will go if you are needing Internet, telephone, or television services. 121 E. 3rd Street,   Spur, TX 79370   (806) 271-3003
    3. Electric:   AEP This is where you will go to arrange electric service.
    4. Gas/Propane: West Texas Gas. This is where you will go if you are needing propane service.   102 E. Hill,   Spur, TX 79370  (806) 271-3369

7.   Buy a mailbox (Chastain’s Hardware)  take to Post Office for
8.   Put your home on a foundation (pier or cement pad).

9.   You are an official tiny house Spur-rite!

Tiny House Friendly Community