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First tiny house in Spur, all 86 sq. feet.


 Hi,  I was the second tiny houser to come here to live.
I grew up in New York City, moved to Florida for 30 years, tried NC for a year and then finally landed in California, where I always dreamed of living.  Well, it was a dream come true for 4 years and then my finances forced me to rethink living there.  I saw the tiny house shows on HGTV one night and knew right away that was for me.  Less stuff, less costs, less stress!  I thought I would just get a tiny house on wheels because I didn’t think there was any other option, until I found Spur on the web.  So at the end of the lease on my expensive apartment in LA, I packed up my car and left my daughter and friends and headed here to my new life in June, 2015.

And now, just over a year later, I am in love with my small house!  It’s 442 sq ft of footprint so officially I guess it’s not a “tiny” house.

Inside my Tiny Home

  I have a 100sf loft also that you can stand in if you’re 6′ or less.  So the house can still be moved.  But being in Spur, there was no need to go too small!  Things went a little slower than I thought they would but you just learn to go with the flow in this slower pace of life.  I just love it here!  I love Spur!  I love how unstressed I feel.  I love the clean, fresh air; the no traffic; the wide open sky with magnificent sunrises and sunsets not to mention the totally starlit sky at night and the rolling plains/cap rock landscape.  The nearby lake is the icing on the beautiful cake I’ve made for myself.  I love the locals!  I’ve made several friends but everybody is so friendly and welcoming!

And I love all the tiny house people coming into town!  There’s an immediate connection when like minded people get together.  There are 10 of us here now  – a few of us are still in the process of building but already Spur residents.  And we have an additional definite 4-5 coming to live by next month. deniseoutside Many more than that have bought land and will be here by next year.  It’s been my pleasure to facilitate in getting many of these new tiny housers on their way here!  

At this point, I’m looking forward to my stress-free retirement in beautiful West Texas!



Have you ever felt like life was becoming a roller coaster; moving fast, up and down and never stopping? Back in the late 90s I took a class called Voluntary Simplicity that talked about a different way to live. This choice was slow, meaningful, and more considerate to myself, others and the environment.  I knew that it  was speaking to my values, but I was too immersed in my systems of living to really make a change.

THEN, one day, I literally woke up and decided it was time (this is the short version:).   I bought a tiny piece of land in Spur, Texas, (first ‘tiny house friendly’ town in America)  decided on plans for a very small home (216 sq. ft),  quit my FULLTIME  teaching job (college professor) and am currently in the process of fulfilling my dream to LIVE SMALL.   I’ve even started a business & blog,  Smallward Company,  to follow this new movement of living smaller, highlighting personal and societal benefits.  (Spur has great fiber optics!)


I   ( along w/ my Chihuahua Delilah) are fairly  new  to Spur.  I’m coming from Charleston, South Carolina, where I lived, raised my children  and worked for 24 years.  I was born and raised in Texas, so coming back has been a dream of mine, but as a  city girl,  a really small town was not on my radar.   Like others, I googled, “where can I live legally in a tiny house,” and Spur, Texas popped up.  So, I got a plane ticket, flew out to Lubbock, made my way to Spur and took a good look at what was happening here.  I saw possibilities.  I met wonderful, caring people.  The pace of living was SO refreshing.   I immediately put a bid on a piece of land that faces a beautiful pasture, which just so happens to come with cows and great sun-rises.

Delivery Day!!!

It took me 7 months to literally make the move and it has been well worth it.  There is something for everyone here if you are creative and optimistic.   I am learning to slow down and just enjoy life as it comes to me, which is AMAZING.  (my alarm clock is gone)

As a sociology professor ( teaching online) it will be interesting to watch  this town change and evolve as new folk, coming  from all over the country are moving in.   And then… watching each of us (tiny-housers) assimilate & change as we begin to see the world from a different, slower, more ‘real’ lens.  The Spur-rites for the most part have been exceptionally welcoming.  And this, potentially being a workable model for other small towns looking for growth and a bit of renewal…. makes the journey even more rewarding.

Spur Sunset
Spur Sunset out my window


Hi, my name is Carol Haefner. The furry one in the picture is Edward, my Australian shepherd and the cutest dog in Spur. I am a native of Cincinnati where I worked at Procter and Gamble as a photographer/project manager for over 20 years. After that I moved California where I got my PhD in psychology. I still work as a professor at a university in California, a job made easy thanks to the incredibly fast internet here in Spur.

carolspurMy tiny house journey began when a friend in California mentioned the tiny house movement. I began doing research immediately but quickly realized several things: I did not want a house on wheels (How would I move it? Where would I park it? Could I really live in a house full time that was only 8′ wide? Etc.) and I could not afford to build in California. Then I read about Spur and their proclamation about tiny houses. I contacted several folks in town and found the locals to be friendly, helpful, and kind. I bought my land sight unseen and began the gloriously freeing task of getting rid of “stuff”, the technical term I use to describe all the possessions that had been weighing me down for years as I had literally bought my way into the ideal that the more stuff I had the happier and more successful I was. I moved to Spur with only the essentials. The main criteria? It all had to fit into my Honda Civic (though I did ship several boxes of text books I need for my classes).

I moved to Spur for cheap land, but to my surprise immediately fell in love with the land and the people. I had no preconceived notions about living in West Texas so everyday is new. The land is beautiful in a stark almost primitive kind of way. Even the thunderstorms are raw and spectacular. Though Montana is nicknamed “Big Sky Country” I cannot imagine any sky bigger than what we have here every day. In most places I have been the sky seems to be a backdrop, the curtain in front of which life plays out, but here it takes center stage from the often surreal quality of the light, to the vast deep blue of the summer sky, to the roiling clouds of an approaching thunderstorm, to the blazing sunsets that treat me to a show most evenings, the sky is an active participant in every day life. As much as I love the physical environment, the people I have met here really define Spur for me. Though my experience in Spur has not been totally idyllic as every place has its positives as well as negatives, Spur oozes values that seem lost in many places. Simple things like walking into the grocery store and folks saying hi, the guys at the feed store waving and smiling as I drive by, locals offering help and support to a newcomer acclimating to life in a small town, drivers smiling and waving as I walk Edward every morning, these and many other simple relational exchanges make me feel like it matters that I live here. This and much more is all part of the milieu that defines Spur and has made me feel at home in my new home town.

One final thought. Years ago my motto became “everyday is someday.” Many people I have known over the years have said “someday I am going to . . . (fill in the blank)” only to have life slip away and someday never comes. Everyday in Spur is my someday and I feel very fortunate to have discovered this little town on the plains of West Texas.


David found the Spur freedom web site towards the end of 2015. He was very interested in what was happening there and as we have been taking about what to do for the next half of our lives, he thought that Spur could offer us a chance to survive this next chapter.

I looked at the site and then Google earthed the city and said, “really…. Why go to a west Texas, hot and dusty, dead city”.
He didn’t really say any more until one night when he suggested we just take a visit, just to see, what harm could it do. I agreed and we emailed Denise.
We spent three days wandering around Spur, meeting new friends and finding the Spur feeling. So what does this mean for us?
A slower pace of life, opportunity to down size to survive retirement and the potential to help revitalize the local coorampixmmunity by building a little piece of Britain in Texas.
Eventually we found a plot next to Carol and Denise with our name on it and after extensive research have agreed on a design and style of house to build. It will be a 24 x 24 arched cabin to be put up next year and, as we are not builders we will have the structure built for us but, we intend to be bold and complete the interior ourselves. With the growing community we know we can call on expertise and experience if needed.

There is a bumper sticker out there that say’s “I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as quick as I could” our one would read “We don’t live in Spur but we will get there as fast as we can”


img_2089Danny moved to Spur from Missouri over 8 months ago.  Danny is a  Tiny House Builder and Developer.   If you are interested in living in a tiny house (pocket or neighborhood.) Call  Danny ,  816-718-9247.


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