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Zoning no problem in Spur

Tiny house movement moves into Tri-Cities; some local zoning departments concerned

The tiny house movement is making its way into the Tri-Cities region, but some local governments have concerns about the tiny homes. A tiny house is typically described as a home that is 100-400 square feet. The trend is becoming popular with tiny homes and communities popping up across the nation.



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In an effort to save money and help the environment, more and more people are joining the tiny house movement, and leading the charge is Spur, Texas.

Residents like Denise Rosner, moved to Spur from Los Angeles, and said even though her tiny house is only 440 square feet, she has everything she needs.

“You can have your goats, or your cows, or your chickens, so it just fits the tiny house world, which most of us are,” Rosner said. “I have yet to start but, we have our own gardens, do everything organic and be able to live off the land.”

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SPUR, Texas—Nearly two years ago, this town of cotton farmers and cattle ranchers in the rolling plains of West Texas declared itself the tiny house capital of America.

The hope was to reverse a long population decline by luring devotees of the growing movement of eco-conscious, do-it-yourself builders who like to live in very small houses. Town officials thought their official proclamation and elimination of nearly all building restrictions would attract the kind of adorable abodes featured on television shows like HGTV’s “Tiny House Hunters.”



Tiny houses, happy homes: Spur newcomers part of growing movement

SPUR — Benjamin Garcia’s house is pretty small, but hey, that’s the point.

The New Hampshire native’s 96 square feet offer all the living space he needs. Plus, it beats paying a mortgage the next 30 years.