Something Very Special

I flew into Spur, Jan 15th in hopes of finding a new home. I was only there 2 days and realized there was something very special about this place, it’s history and it’s people. So, i flew back home, put in a request for 2 lots in the Freeman area of town, and began the process of leaving full time jobs, selling a house, and planning on a cross country move. I made a commitment to a company that builds tiny homes….and put my money down. (i.e. major commitment).

Five months later, June 15th, I  drove into town (just moved back to Texas (after 24 years away) from Charleston, South Carolina. I was a bit nervous? What if I made a mistake? It only took a few minutes to dismiss that thought.

I met John Schmidt and we drove out to my lots to see where I wanted my house to land. Along the way, he told me stories of Spur back in the day, as he is one of those Spurites, that left to find work, and later came back to retire. I can see why. 🙂

It was a very easy experience. I went in the city office, met with John and the other folks that work there…very friendly! After taking our trip to the lots, I decided where I wanted to put my house, showed him my tiny house building plans/picture of tiny house and went over the codes. We then filled out the paperwork, all of 5 minutes, and I had my permit (free of charge). The folks in Spur and Dickens County, along with the others that are already here help you, anyway they can. I feel like I belong, and again, I’ve only visited twice.

I will be moving to town, with home in tow, by the first week in August. I literally can not wait. I am a college professor and will be working/teaching on-line. As a sociologist, I find this new adventure intriguing from a social aspect? How will Spur adjust to change? How will the newcomers begin to fit in, assimilate? Is this the beginning or a rural renewal? Time will tell; in the meantime, I look forward to simply calling Spur, …..HoMe;)


2 thoughts on “Something Very Special”

  1. So Reba
    It’s late August almost September, how was your trip in to Spur?
    Hopefully the transition has gone well.
    How is it so far?
    Was is the estimate on lot and having tiny home built?
    I wanna do the same thing?

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